Acute bronchitis occurs most often in the ages deemed most vulnerable (younger ages, including toddlers, and advanced ages). This is due to the fact that levels of immunity are especially lower for these ages. In children, oropharyngeal infections (infections of the mouth and throat) occur often, and the chances of this infection invading lower parts of the respiratory tract increase. In infectious diseases, the infection may affect the lungs or bronchi via the blood circulatory vessels. Children who have a history of suffering from oropharyngeal infections are reccommended to exrcise and practise sports, taking walks in fresh air, and other outdoor activities which help boost the immune system against all infections including those affecting the respiratory tract. The elderly are also considered vulnerable to this disease, because they are a target group which usually suffers from other accompanying diseases, such as chronic diseases, diabetes, hypertension, renal disease etc. Their age also implies a less effective immune system.

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Medical Author: Dr. med. Diana Hysi